Mazda Soul Red Crystal

Mazda Soul Red Crystal: Innovative Colour Design

Mazda KODO Design Philosophy

Mazda is known around the industry for its innovative design and styling, including the latest KODO – Soul of Motion design philosophy. In order to truly capture and symbolize this award-winning style, Mazda has recently developed a new body colour to go along with KODO, called Mazda Soul Red Crystal. This striking new look is ideal for any vehicle. It may be offered on the CX-5 as early as next year.

Mazda Soul Red Crystal

According to Mazda, the Soul Red Crystal is a new take on the Soul Red colour already associated with Mazda. The new colour adds a clear range of depth and a glossy finish. It provides an increase of 20 percent in colour saturation and over 50 percent in depth. This provides added lustre and appeal, making the design really pop as well.

“The new paint’s translucent layer features a newly developed highly saturated red pigment for a richer red,” reads a recent press release. “In addition to high-brilliance, extremely thin aluminum flakes, the reflective coat features light-absorbing flakes that intensify shaded areas and make it possible to achieve a depth of colour that previously required two layers.”

Color Application

The Mazda Soul Red Crystal will also be applied using an innovative Takuminuri system. This is a method of applying high-quality paint in an even and precise manner during mass production. The new colour will hopefully add appeal, but also add an improved connection between drivers and their vehicles. We can’t wait to see the new colour up close and personal soon.

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