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Spring Car Prep Checklist: Essential Tips

Preparing your car for spring is simple, as long as you follow a basic checklist. It’s important to take some time to properly maintain your car as warmer temperatures, different weather patterns and an increase in traffic all make driving during the spring distinct from other months. Read on to discover our spring car prep checklist.

According to Turtle Wax, you should always start with the engine. Check the fluids to make sure they are all topped off, including things like wiper fluid, power steering, transmission and antifreeze/coolant. You should also consider getting an oil change every spring in order to ensure proper lubrication of the engine.

Next, prep the exterior. Wash your car to get rid of any grime and dirt, and be sure to get the undercarriage. Rinse off salt that might still remain from the winter, as this can lead to rust and component failure. After a good wash, you should wax the outside to provide a protective coating for the spring.

Finally, check the tires. You may have to adjust air pressure in order to accommodate for changing temperatures. You should also look for any cracks, bulging or bald areas, as these can be signs that you need new tires. For all of your spring car prep needs, be sure to visit St. Catharines Mazda today.

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